David Haversat has been in the magic business for most of his life. A dealer, writer, publisher, manufacturer, inventor and collector of all things magic. Haversat specializes in collectible and antique magic such as apparatus, posters, broadsides, illusions, letters, and autographs relating to magicians.


President: New England Magic Collector’s Association
Past President International Brotherhood of Magician’s, Powell Ring 59


Too many to list. Includes purchases of thousands of items from dozens and dozens of individuals and estates.
Most notable -The Milbourne Christopher Collection

Projects, lectures, ownership:

Produced the 2001 Houdini Commemorative Token. Struck in Nickel, Silver and Gold
Miracle Coin Board aka Panel Board with video instruction
The Haversat Hinge: A One Handed Double Lift (Genni Magazine, September 2001)
Lecturer: Jack Chanin, Magic Collector’s Association
Lecturer: John McArdle, New England Magic Collector’s Assocation

Former partner in S.S. Adams L.L.C.

Owner of Zanadu Magic, Petrie Lewis (P&L) and National Magic Company.

Owner of several Walter Gibson titles, Master Magician’s, Illustrated Card Magic, Illustrated Close up Magic.

Books produced or published by David Haversat:

Sherms (David Haversat)

Chanin – The Man with the Magic Hands- ( David Haversat)

S.S. Adams – High Priest of Pranks & Merchants of Magic ( William Rauscher)

Magic in Rhyme (William Rauscher)

The Complete Pitchman (Don Boles)

Houdini – A Pictorial life ( Milbourne Christopher, Maurine Christopher, D. Haversat)

Encyclopedia of Mentalism and Mentalists (William Rauscher, Tony Corinda)

William Rauscher Titles Distributed by Haversat:

Silent Mora – The Story of Louis J. McCord

Milbourne Christopher The Man & His Magic

The Mind Readers

Pleasant Nightmares

Edd Patterson – Lifetime of Magic

Religion Magic & the Supernatural

Inventor of the following Magic Effects:

CSI Card (Card Effect)

Nickel Flight (Coin Effect)

Bleeding Heart (Card Effect)

Circus Seals (Children’s Effect)

Criminal Intentions (Card Effect)

Fortune Cookie Surprise (co-produced with Bryan Lizotte) (Card Effect)

And others…………..